We are so pleased with your service and have always found you to be completely honest, dependable and fair. We appreciate the good job you have consistently done.  And if a problem does come up, all it takes is a phone call to quickly resolve .Thanks for keeping our pool clean and sparkling!

Judy H.

I've been using AMPS for a couple years and they do a great job. My pool has never looked better and I can't wait to jump in this summer! Thanks Leslie, Ray and Damian.

                               Chad B.

For 8 years we lived with a green pool that was NEVER clear and clean the way it should have been. We were led to believe our pool was the biggest "problem pool" our service company had ever seen. We simply didn't know any different due to the fact that we never owned a pool before. Well, along came AMPS and WOWIE ZOWIE!! Our pool has been sparkling clear every week since AMPS took over and proved that AMPS RULES THE SCHOOL OF CARING FOR POOLS!! Thank you for your EXCELLENT customer care, your prompt service, and the friendly business you provide us!! Thank you, thank you, thank you... We'll be customers of yours til the day we no longer own a pool (which will be NEVER in this hotter than hell town!) :) SINCERELY, John and Shawna Mason

I just want to give a big thank you for the years of wonderful service you gave to my family while caring for our pool.  Other companies we used prior to your service never came close to the quality work and personal care you provided us.  You are simply the best. 


Take care and God bless you all

Tina Smith

I shutter to think of all the money I wasted in trying to take care of my pool by myself.  What's so hard about adding chlorine to a pool?   What I did not realize is that it takes more than chlorine to keep a pool stable. I'm a hands on pool owner. I make sure my pool vacuum is clean. In case of a storm I skim the pool for the heavy stuff. AMPS is now taking care of my pool. It is clear and stable. AMPS has drained and acid washed my pool, repaired my pool light and keep an eye on my pump and filter to make sure they are working properly.  I highly recommend AMPS to take care of all your pool needs.



Bakersfield, CA

I had AMPS service a large pool for me in Bakersfield until I recently sold the property.  They did an incredible job, were extremely efficient and professional, and very well priced for all the services they provided me. 


I would definitely recommend AMPS to anyone needing superior pool service for a reasonable price. 


Thank you!  -Chris Wolfe


Ray and Nick just wanted to say how much I appreciated your work cleaning our pool and getting it back in service so quickly. Your prices are great and the work is excellent. Its great to have reliable service in Bakersfield and a business that has integrity in its work. 

Thanks! Mike