California Contract License #955972

D-35 Pool and Spa Maintenance


2012 Western Pool & Spa Show

Ray and Nick Completed 17 hours of technical instruction and / or hours of business instruction in specialized service and repairs for swimming pools and spas. 


2012- IPSSA Intermediate Water Cehmistry Cert.


2012-IPSSA Water Chemistry Certification


2012-Jacks Magic Cerfified Stain specialist Cert.


2013- IPSSA Basic Equiment Certification


2014- IPSSA Pool Chlorination Facts Certification


2014-FSPIE Certified Aquatic Equipment Installer Cert.


2014-Jacks Magic Certified Stain Specialist

Stain Identification*Stain Removal*Preventative Maintenance 


2014-NSPF Certified Pool / Spa Inspector Cert. (CPI)

(Continued Educaton Class 3.00 units)


2014-Western Pool & Spa Show / Education

Ray and Nick Whitesell completed 34 hours in

Course Title / Description: 

Hayward Heaters- Installation and Trouble Shooting

Pool Pump Sizing and Hydraulics for Beginners

Controlling Jandy Equipment from anywhere-Web based control

Phosphate and Enzyme Control for incresased Efficiency

Acid Wash Proper Techniques

Controls Troubleshooting Made Easy

The Shocking Truth of Electricity and How to Troubleshoot It

Gas Pool Heaters Installation and Repair

Advance Water Chemistry

7 Easy Steps to Generate Massive Referrals


2015-NSPF Certified Pool / Spa Operator Cert. (CPO)

(Continued Education Certificate 16 Units)

(Continued Educaton Class 8.50 units)


2015-NSPF Certified Chemical Saftey


2015-NSPF Certified Field Service Professional

(Continued Education Certificate 3.00 Units)

(Routine Maintenance for Pool and Spa Operators)


2015-Western Pool & Spa Show / Education

Ray and Nick Whitesell Complted 40 hours in

Course Title / Discription

Designing and Troubleshooting Solar Pool Heating Systems

Pool Deck Joint Installations and Title Repair Made Easy

Salt Chlorine What you need to know

Pool & Spa Gas Heaters, Introducing the JXI

Phosphate and Enzyme Control for Increased Effciency

Clean Light Technology Using UV-6 Sanitation Delta UV

Hayward Heaters Installation & Troubleshooting

The Real Scoop on Spot Etching and Calcium Nodules

Intermatic Multi Wave Installation Wiring and Programming

How to Run a Successful Business in Any Economy

Open Forum, Pool Guy Roundtable, A Panel of Experts Answer Your Questions


2016-NSPF-Emergency Response Planning Cert.

(Continuing Education 1.5 Units)